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As a motivational speaker, I’m looking forward telling you more about ‘the keys to success’.


Why do some players achieve success and others don’t?

I’ve read many books about technique and tactics, but in the end there is no single best way to hit a forehand and not one “top” game plan that tells you how to win a match. Success is based on a multitude of factors but taking responsibility is key: nothing happens to you, it happens because of you.

I’ve been active as a (motivational) speaker for several years: from explaining my vision as a tennis coach to diving into what my job looks like from day to day. Years of experience have given me great insight into one recurring theme: the keys to success. I’m always excited to share those insights and learn from my audience in return.

When tennis meets statistics

As SAP’s official worldwide tennis coach ambassador, I coach my colleagues on how to use SAP statistics to help them analyse opponents in preparation for and during matches, and to evaluate their own players. The digital revolution has hit the tennis world by a storm and I am excited to be a part of it.


I’m also a proud member of the Coach Program Advisory Committee, which aims to improve life on tour in the coaches department. The purpose of the WTA Coach Program is to professionalize, standardize and recognize the crucial role of coaching on the WTA tour.